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Welcome to the web design community
Once in a while something happens in the web design industry that changes our perception of how internet users see the web and it sets new standards for everyone who uses and creates web applications. We are here today to set a new standard for web based applications.
It happened many times before, the web designers who grew with the industry may remember the changes caused by the first content management systems like Php-Nuke and then Post-Nuke, Mambo, followed by innovations from Xaraya, Typo3, Joomla!, Webguy, Wordpress, Drupal, Plone, Ez Publish etc. ( to many to name them all - sorry guys ). Each time a new content management solution came to the market it meant a new milestone in the evolution of web based applications.

From the concepts born in web CMS systems, other web based applications started to appear, like online CRM, ERP, project management etc. applications. The market today is overflowed with all sorts of web based applications, yet we belive it is the right time to set new standards and to bring to the market new solutions with innovative concepts that will finaly bring real usability and user friendliness to the web. We have the technology, the knowledge and the experience to move to the next step in the evolution of web applications and we need your help!

Today we mark an important milestone in the history of web applications and web design studios, today we open the doors of a new online community that sets new rules and standards in the field of web design and development.

The community is centered arround a basic concept, to make the life of a web designer easyer, and to give you the tools to create amazing websites and to develop new market channels! It is time for web design studios and developers to start making money the easy way! How will we do this?

Editor will provide it's members with:
  • A new state of the art Content Management Platform
  • An innovative easy to use online business management solution
  • A great brand name and marketing support material
  • Access to a huge library of ready made templates and functionalities
  • The latest proven and tested business Ideas
  • Tips & Tricks from a thriving community of web experts
  • Customers! ( That's right! )
Are you already confused and you are not sure what to expect? Well, This is just a teaser ( like in the movies... ), more info will be revealed in this blog as we enable all the community functionalities. We are still in a beta phase, so expect quite some changes in the future, but as we build the community I would appreciate any comment, idea or suggestion... please don't hesitate to comment our blogs... they will be the source for our inspiration.

My name is Tomaž Jug, I am the brain behind this operation... please contact me, drop me a line, let me know what you think of MyPortal, together we can create something great!
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